I really can’t believe it’s already August. Even though August is usually just as hot as July here in South Carolina, it still feels like a precursor to Fall. Schools are starting back soon, and even though it’s been a few years since I had to worry about classes, I still can’t help from shopping the school supply aisles. I love to feel the crispness of new notebooks and enjoy the scent of fresh crayons.

We’ve had a beautiful summer already, with lots of fresh fruit, splashing with Finn in the baby pool, and one trip to the beach (with another coming in September to officially close the season). As I was praying this morning, I went through the list of all the blessings we’ve received in just the last week alone, and I was just overwhelmed with joy. Even when days and weeks are hard, God is still good.

Some things that I’m looking forward to for this month:

  • I’ve got some fun knitting and sewing projects lined up.
  • Brian starts classes next week (not that I exactly envy him, since going to school is never a walk in the park, but I am excited for him!).
  • The weather maybe, possibly, will start cooling down this month.
  • Finn and I will be enjoying morning walks around the neighborhood.
  • We’re going to see a Braves game in Atlanta (I’ve never been to a baseball game).

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