A Short Tale in Which I Retrieve Some Groceries

Arrive at Corley’s with a short list of three items. Remove Finn from his carseat and put him on my hip. Watch as Finn slams the car door on my little finger. Lie down in the backseat for a brief blackout. Regain consciousness and check finger for swelling. Go into the store. Ruefully remember that this store doesn’t have seatbelts in grocery carts. Grab a bag of frozen peas to ice finger. Have Finn stick his thumb into half of a ten-dollar chocolate pound cake. Use 23 sanitizing wipes to clean Finns hands as he keeps grabbing raw meat packages. Purchase expensive damaged pound cake, otherwise-unnecessary frozen peas, and raw meat. Watch Finn climb out of the shopping cart while I’m paying. Listen to Finn shriek as I force him back into the shopping cart. Load groceries and Finn into the car. Say a brief prayer of thankfulness that this wasn’t as bad as the trip to Bi-Lo last week. Drive home, wondering if there is really not enough of a market for online grocery ordering and delivery businesses in Greenwood.


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