Project: Baby Aprons

Are you on Pinterest? If you aren’t, you should be (and if you need an invitation to join, just let me know!). This is one of my new favorite things to do when I have a little time to myself. It’s described as a digital pinboard, or a visual bookmarking tool. While it’s definitely useful for capturing and remembering things you see on the internet, my favorite thing to do is to browse the things that other people are pinning. It’s full of recipes and baking, home organizing, decorating, and (possibly my favorite category) craft ideas. There’s a huge supply of users who love to share DIY ideas they find, and unlike browsing DIY and craft blogs for inspiration, it’s so easy and quick to see so much at a glance on Pinterest. Not only have I found a lot of ideas on Pinterest, but I’ve also actually created a lot of the things I’ve Pinned. I used it a lot for inspiration for Finn’s first birthday party, and for crafts and decorating around the house.

Friday I decided to make some time for a craft project. I found these on Pinterest and thought they were a perfect afternoon project. Even better, I already had almost all the supplies.


We have a challenge keeping bibs on Finn at dinnertime. For whatever reason, he hates to wear them, and every one of the billion or so bibs we own is secured with Velcro. So when he rips them off his neck, they usually leave nasty red scratches on his baby-soft skin. These are perfect, because they tie in the back (and can be double-knotted once he gets clever enough to untie), and they have straps to go behind the arms, which prevents him from lifting the bib off his chest to smear food underneath (which he’s already clever enough to do!).

I made four in an afternoon using the tutorial and a combination of sale fabrics and fabric I already had.


Once Finn realized he couldn’t take these off, he seemed content to leave them on.


The ties are long enough in the back that I can double-knot if I need to.


I think they turned out great.


I tend to be sporadic and impulsive when it comes to crafts, so I love projects that can come together quickly and are less likely to sit around unfinished. I’ll be making more of these for sure – they’re incredibly useful. I think for the next ones, I’ll probably enlarge the pattern a bit so they’ll last well into Finn’s toddler years. These will continue to fit his neck and arms, I think, but will become a little short on the torso before too long. Also, because I was being impulsive and eager, I didn’t pre-shrink any of the fabrics, so the “baprons” quilted a little in the wash – still functional and still cute, but something I’ll be careful about in the future.

Just wanted to share my Friday project with you. Have a happy week, and pin something for Fall! It’s so close, I can smell it!


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