Better Sweater Weather

It’s definitely sweater weather. Rather, it’s definitely sweater weather before lunchtime, and t-shirt under sweater weather after, lest you swelter. But around here, it’s silly not to layer every day of the year. You just never really know what’s going to happen out there.

I celebrated by making a sweater for Finn, prompted by an instinctive need to protect my young from the harsh realities of pending winter, and possibly also from my enjoyment of the calming art of knitting. In fact, probably more of the latter than the former, given that a) we are blessed with mild winters, b) we are blessed with climate control indoors, and c) we are blessed with the fact that most his sweaters from last year still fit. But moving on.

Here he is wearing his new sweater. From any respectable distance, his buttons just look like toggle buttons, and they pretty much are. But they actually have little gold metal bands on them that make them look like small footballs. I didn’t notice this until I had sewn them on, so inattentive am I. They belonged to my mother’s button collection, which makes the sweater even more special. I don’t think it’s considered tooting my own horn to share this with you, since it is my blog after all. I’m proud of the sweater. šŸ™‚

So much has changed in the last month or so, and so much is the same. We did have a wonderful family vacation at Edisto last month. It seems like as soon as we got back from our trip, life reached a “new normal”, as Brian and I have been terming it. Not exactly different, but just that new levels of energy are required to keep up with the typical day. For one thing, Finn is now capable of so many new antics and magic tricks, and he doesn’t run out of them, ever, at all, even once, during the whole day. Which is obviously a sign of awesome talent, but it’s also hard for me to keep up. Add to this the fact that he now needs to wear glasses all day, and an eye patch for part of the day, and suddenly I am the one doing magic tricks to keep him distracted from his own face. We are like a monkey-house some days.

But it’s wonderful. I’m not complaining (even though sometimes I do) – but I’m constantly amazed at the tricks time plays on us. I heard once that our concept of time is relative to how much of it we’ve already experienced. So as children, having only experienced a small amount of time, it passes more slowly. And as we get older, having known more and more time, it seems to pass more quickly. It seems to be logical, although if I think about it too much I get dizzy. What do you think?

The appropriate thing to do here is to share more photos of a cute toddler in glasses and a green sweater.



Wishing you all a happy fall. šŸ™‚


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